Fall is upon us and with that comes a desire to curl up with a good book, eat a cheat meal of Halloween candy, and binge the new show everyone is talking about. Despite the cooler temperatures and longer nights, there are plenty of ways to still make self-care a priority and warm up your body this fall.

#1. Healthy Cooking

Fall brings a bounty of seasonal produce to grocery stores everywhere, so take advantage by upping your cooking game with fresh and healthy meals!  As the nights get cooler, warm up with a bowl of soup packed with vegetables and protein, or a roasted chicken that can be used in countless ways for meals.

#2. Enjoy the Weather – Take Your Workout Outside!

Colorful trees, falling leaves, and cool breezes are the embodiment of fall, so bask in it walking on a nature trail, hiking that 14er you’ve always dreamed about, or cycle your way down the coastline.  Fall weather is generally the perfect balance of warm and cool which makes it excellent for exercising.

#3. Rejuvenate Yourself

With less hours of daylight in the fall and winter, it’s important to practice self-care beyond physical activity.  Getting a massage after a workout or picking up a new activity like meditation will promote overall wellness so you feel good not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

#4. Participate in Active Fundraising Events for Charities

What’s better than walking, biking, or running outside? Walking, biking, or running outside for a good cause. While there are charity events all year round, it’s easy to turn them into a fall activity by gathering a team of your friends and supporting local and national organizations through physical activity.

#5. Pick Your Own Fruits/Veggies

Pick-your-own farms have everything when it comes to fall fun, from corn mazes to pumpkin patches and fruit trees.  Apple picking alone can help you burn up to 200 calories, especially if you reach for the apples higher up in the trees. Orchards and farms are typically spread over large pieces of land so walking through their fields can give you some enjoyable physical activity.

#6. Fall Cleaning

It may not be your favorite activity, but prepping your home for winter is actually great exercise. Chopping wood and raking leaves gets your heart pumping and burns calories. And while you’re at it, why not jump in that pile of leaves you just made and let your inner child out for a while?

#7. Drink Warmly

Colder temperatures mean swapping out your beloved ice coffee for some warmer brews. Luckily, coffee isn’t the only drink around to keep you warm this fall. Avoid Starbucks and the extra calories by making your own pumpkin spice lattes at home, swapping out the syrup for real pumpkin puree; or make your own chai lattes with spices found at home. And don’t forget about the classics like warm apple cider and mulled wine.

#8. Dress in Layers

You may be sweating it out on your daily run but it’s important to dress in layers so your body temperature is well-controlled. Clothing with wicking is recommended because it keeps moisture away from your skin so you do not have wet fabric hanging on you during a workout. Additional layers for warmth and protection from the elements will keep you covered for whatever mood the fall weather is in, rain or shine.

#9. Active TV Watching

As the nights get longer, we’re not always going to want to bundle up and brave the colder temperatures to hit the gym or go on a run.  So for those nights when you decide to stay in and flip on a good movie, hop off the couch and onto the mat with some tone-defying ab exercises or free weights.

#10. Make the Holidays Active

Food may be the main priority during the holidays, but that shouldn’t stop you from wrangling your family together for a game of football or a post-turkey hike. Indulge in the holiday foods you dream about all year but skip the feeling of regret that comes from eating one too many biscuits and join your friends and family in some good old-fashioned holiday competition.


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