A lot of people travel home for the holidays. This means time is lost on the road, at busy airports, searching for parking, and waiting in long, long lines. Add the fact that you probably have several different gatherings this season, and you’ll find that your time has been completely monopolized. 

What you need is a workout plan that can fit into all of this chaos. Not only will these quick exercises be a brief getaway from the holiday stress, doing them will keep you from taking too long of a break from your regular workout routine. 

1 Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere


You need nothing but some open space to throw down some pushups. Heating up a quick lunch? Challenge yourself to power through some pushups until your microwave beeps. Stop to investigate that crack in your tile, pushup style. Maybe investigate it a couple times. 


Grocery shopping? Don’t choose the product at the most convenient height, pick the one nearest the floor and squat to pick it up. Doing laundry? You guessed it, squat or even deadlift that laundry bin. 


Walking in the cold is no fun, but a brisk walk can help keep you warm. If you don’t have time for your usual route, just add some extra steps by passing your destination and turning around to head back to it. You can also go to the mall and walk to your heart’s content in a temperature-controlled environment and get some of your shopping done. If your bags are heavy enough, maybe get some bicep curls in.  


If you need to tidy up your home for your guests, and you’ve got stairs, this one is perfect. Take several intentional trips up and down the stairs as you put your things back where they belong. If you don’t have stairs, seek them out at your other destinations. 

Workouts – If You Have 10 Minutes or More 


Start by doing a set of lunges on either your left or right leg. Without switching legs, up the intensity by widening your stance and repeat your set.  

Increase the intensity again by pulsing the lunge. Basically, instead of returning to your standing position, keep the lunge position and pulse. It should be burning like mad by this point.  

Go a step further and hold the lunge position for as long as you can.  

Switch legs and start over.

Plank with Shoulder Tap 

Get into a solid high plank position and use your right hand to tap your left shoulder, then your left hand to tap your right shoulder. Throw in a push up after tapping both shoulders if you like.  

After you’ve done a few, you might as well do some mountain climbers since you’re already set up for it. 

Repeat in a way that makes sense for the workout plan you customized. 

Jumping Jacks

Get your cardio in with jumping jacks. Mix things up by moving your legs and arms forward and back instead of out to the side and in.  

Start with a set of the basic jumping jacks and then add on a set of the variation jacks.  

Jump Squats

These are basically squats with a little jump. From a standing position you jump up and lower yourself into a squat. From the squat position you then launch yourself up into the jump again.  

Start by doing a set of basic squats. Increase the intensity by adding the jump and do another set. You can even work your way up the stairs this way. 

Your Winter Has Been Rescued 

The purpose of these workouts is simple: they are a way to keep your muscles engaged during the months when many of us have trouble keeping our fitness commitments. Do what you can, when you can, as often as you can, and you might find that getting back to your regular routine is not as difficult as you feared. 

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