Ask Our Dietitian

Do you have a nutrition question but you’re not sure who to ask? It can be difficult knowing where to turn, which is why we’ve created ‘Ask Our Dietitian’ for you.

‘Ask Our Dietitian’ is a special feature offered on Lifestyle. It’s here to help you become better educated on all things related to nutrition – which is just as important as working out.

A healthy diet is essential to becoming a healthier and more fit you. No question is too simple or too tough. We have you covered, so ask us that tricky nutrition question you’ve always wondered about. Certain Q+As will be selected and featured on the ‘Ask Our Dietitian’ segment of our blog.

Share your nutrition inquiry here on Lifestyle for City Sports Club. Our registered dietitian can help answer your questions!

Some sample questions can be found below:

  1. I don’t do dairy but like the idea of an easy shake after my workout. However, I don’t want to gain weight. Any suggestions?
  2. My schedule is unpredictable, so I go to the gym at random times. What are some snack suggestions to have on hand?
  3. Really, I don’t cook. A frozen dinner never fills me up unless I eat two of them. I feel like I could down a whole box of cereal in one sitting. At 6′ tall, 170 lbs. and 23 yrs. old how do I be sure to get enough nutrition?
  4. Organic foods are too expensive. Are they really necessary? I mean, aren’t organic dressings and bread processed anyway? Is there something harmful in regular food even if it’s healthy, like grilled chicken and spinach salad?