“You are who you surround yourself with” is truer than people may know. Being a positive influence, going to the gym and eating healthy can affect those around you. It is human nature to reflect the actions of those around us as a way to gain social acceptance. Because of this, you may want to consider surrounding yourself with those you would most like to emulate. Ask yourself which traits you would like to possess, what areas you would like to improve, and how you can better influence those around you.

Think about it this way, if you’re out to dinner with friends do you normally find yourself asking ‘what are you ordering?’ before making your own meal decision? Think twice before following the crowd, a healthy order from you could help influence your friends or colleagues to make a smarter nutrition decision too. Of course, this logic doesn’t just apply to food. Try organizing a midday workout – see how quickly those around you notice the change and may want to follow suit.

Having trouble making smart nutrition decisions? Ask your question here*.

A driven mindset, healthy attitude or positive demeanor not only helps make us happy people, but can lift the spirits of others too. Try inviting** a friend or family member to join you at the gym, for a natural way to boost the endorphins. After all, according to Fitness Health 101, “individuals, in general, have a tendency to quit or give up more easily when working towards a goal alone.”1 Help encourage someone to reach their goals. Your helpfulness could be the one thing they needed to go from where they are to where they want to be.

How Your Attitude Can Influence Others

I. It can help promote hope.

IIIt can help others reach their goals and discover their own potential.

III. It can help make you a happier and healthier person.


Do you have an inspirational story of someone you have influenced in a positive way that you would like to share? Or perhaps, you have been influenced by someone who left a positive mark on your life? We would love to hear it. Please share in the comments below.

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

-Colin Powell


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