“Work on my core strength, agility and basketball skills.”

Howard Q. and his trainer

“Finish my 60th marathon this year, and 75th half marathon as well.”

John K.

“Staying in shape.”

Carlos N.

“Get tone.”

Yaribel S.

“Build a good body and become stronger.”

Tatiana C.

“Work on fitness and health.”

Jake G.

“Lose weight.”

Lingje W.

“Tone and maintain weight.”

Maria R.

“Have a strong body, heart and mind!”

Mariana C.

“Stay healthy and maintain lean muscle.”

Nicole M.

“Build lean muscles.”

Inna A.

“Bench 225 lbs. and get into fitness modeling. Get to 210 lbs. and  12 % body fat. Continue to make gains.”

Cade S., Noel S., and Lucas F.

“Stay in shape.”

Justin B.

“Get sexy!”

Alejandra M.

“Build a bigger booty!”

Huyen L.

“Get toned and build bigger legs.”

Adriana N.

“Tone and condition.”

Troy G.

“Tone up and build muscle for my wedding!”

Lauren K.

“Stay in shape.”

Lucio V.

“Tone for the summer.”

Manuel O.

“Compete at 40.”

Desiree R.

“Gain muscle weight.”

Lydia C.

“Becoming a better me.”

Michelle C.

“Not to look my age.”

Kevin T.

“Weight loss and increase strength.”

Melinda B.

“Fitness is key to being happy and healthy and I want to continue that!”

Kim S.

“Working on rehab.”

Donrick S.

“Keep in shape.”

Thomas H.

“Gain muscle.”

Bianca R.

“Strength training. Bulking and strength training. Get fit. Build lean muscle.”

Chris M., Kuldeep S., Jesse M., and Owen S.

“I’m trying to lean out, grow my lower body and shrink my waist!”

Jasmin T.

“Gain strength, be toned, build endurance and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.”

Nicole W.

“To be healthy, strong and feel my best for life!”

Norma L.

“Get big.”

Andrew M.

“Keep in good shape!”

Toni D.

“Stay fit.”

Lakshana R.

Some testimonials have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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