Summer is fast approaching, and that means more barbeques, pool parties, and outdoor festivities to bring in the much anticipated sunny and warm days. As much as these more relaxed and enjoyable activities fill up our calendars, the desire to stay disciplined in your fitness regimen may become more of a challenge. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the warm sandy beaches or outings with friends. There are also ways to incorporate fitness that are a lot more stress-free on those days you can’t fit in a visit to your local City Sports Club. Included in this article are fun ways you can stick to your fitness goals and include healthier habits the whole family can enjoy together. 

Take the Gym Outdoors 

Carving out time in your day for that traditional gym visit may feel like a bit of an impossibility when scheduling dynamics at home have changed. The kids are out of school, and perhaps the babysitter is out of town. So, how do you stick to your goals while also intermingling quality family time? We suggest bringing the family with you for the fitness fun. Outdoor activities with the family will not only help you break from your mundane fitness routine, but also offer great memories and bonding time within the family unit. 

Set the Intention 

Discuss amongst your family which activities they would be open to doing together. Getting the family involved in the planning of these fitness excursions sets a more positive tone and brings about inclusivity for those who are more reluctant to try new things.  

Integrating more fitness for you and the family to enjoy might include but aren’t limited to the following:   

  1. Going for a morning or sunset hike. 
  2. Going to the park (suggest bringing along a jump rope, a frisbee, basketball or soccer ball). 
  3. Venture to the nearest beach or community pool. 
  4. Bike ride together. 
  5. Load the car and head to the nearest beach or lake for fun in the sun. 

We get it, approaching the family with the intent of having a mandatory “family fitness outing” might come off a little forced or be met with groaning retorts. If you have the type of family that likes to do their own thing and isn’t as motivated as you to get out there and run hill-sprints, consider outings that involve a bit more physical activity. Head to the mall or ride your bike to the local fro-yo shop. Implementing fitness within activities that everyone already wants to do are small, but healthier ways to get the family on the same page. 

Get Your Friends Involved 

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to motivate some fitness in our lives. Invite some family friends or your neighbors to meet up for an afternoon of kickball, or a light game of flag football or soccer on a free weekend. There is nothing more enjoyable in my memories as a child than the warm summer days when all the kids in my neighborhood would rally up and play a game of kickball against our parents and older siblings.  

Creating fun fitness adventures to fill up your children’s time and keep you on a more disciplined state of mind is a win-win in our book! We hope you can find a bit of inspiration when finding ways to incorporate fitness as a part of your household. Always remember, that the foundation you build towards healthier habits begins and ends with your intentions of healthier, happier you. We encourage you to set these intentions through some of these approachable and memorable activities this upcoming summer!