Whether it’s your first date or 100th date, you want to make it special – we get it!

Putting a little extra effort into doing something that’s outside the norm not only lets your date know that you’ve put time and effort into thinking outside the box, but it can be a fun and rewarding experience that won’t leave you with a headache the next day.

For the fitness savvy and health-conscious folks out there, you might find yourself looking for dating options that don’t revolve around belly-bloating beers, sugary wines, or calorie-laden mixed drinks.

Check out our list below of 30 date night ideas to help keep you moving and keep things interesting!

Not Too Pricey$

1. Coffee Date – It’s relaxed, it helps rev up your metabolism, and it can be taken to-go if it’s a nice day out for a walk!

2. Scavenger Hunt – Explore your own city! Make a game out of it. You’ll get your steps in and you’ll feel like a big kid again out there on a treasure hunt.

3. Beach Picnic or Bonfire – Breathe in the fresh ocean air, take a walk along the sand, channel your inner romantic, and bring your own healthy pre-made meal for two. Ooh-la-la.

4. Explore – It’s easy to think of exploring as solely a venture outside of your own city, but sometimes you can find hidden gems in your own backyard.

5. Get Competitive – Have a one-on-one friendly competition! (e.g., basketball game, volleyball game, beach volleyball, golfing, mini golf, tennis, racquetball, batting cages, bowling, etc.)

6. Visit a Farmer’s Market – Fresh produce to cook a fresh meal together. Plus, you’re helping support local growers and small business owners. A nice gesture your date may appreciate.

7. Take a Hike – Is there anything better than the smell of nature? Not only does being outdoors promote relaxation, but hiking is a great low impact workout.

8. Visit a Museum or Botanical Garden – Plenty of time spent walking, either taking in the art or (quite literally) smelling the roses.

9. Go to an Outdoor Movie Screening – OK, this is a bit more relaxed than some of the other options, but if you’re going to go the traditional route of going to a movie, why not try experiencing it in a whole new way?

10. Go for a Bike Ride – Get to know your date while also getting in some cardio! No matter where you’re located, there is always a place to go on a bike ride.

11. Ice Blocking – If you’ve never done this before, try it. Your inner kid will thank you.

12. Volunteer – Share a similar passion as your date? Try volunteering for something that you both care deeply about.

13. Karaoke – You may not burn a whole lot of calories on this date unless your dance moves outshine your singing!

A Little Pricier$$

14. Rock Climbing – Be a human Spiderman. Challenge your grip strength and compete to see who can scale the tallest wall.

15. Zip Lining – Kind of scary, but also kind of adrenaline pumping. Just make sure it doesn’t scare your date away.

16. Compete in a Fun-Themed 5k – There are plenty of silly themed 5k races out there that span from color runs to neon runs to mud runs (and everything in between). It’s an easy way to keep active while still having fun!

17. Buy Tickets to a Show Playing That Day/Night– There are plenty of options to buy last minute discounted tickets to a performance you may not have previously thought about attending. A few good websites to check out include, Stub Hub and Today Tix.

18. Take a Workshop Together – Have you ever wanted to try something a little outside your comfort zone? Why not invite your date to a woodworking shop, outdoor survival class, archery class, painting, or something else you’ve always wanted to try out?

19. Get Moving –Try out a new exercise class you’ve never tried before! (e.g., dancing, kickboxing, etc.)

20. Go to the Zoo – The fresh outdoors, plenty of walking, time for talking, and the best part, plenty of incredible animals!

21. Kayaking – If you’ve never been kayaking, it’s a real workout for the arms. (Just make sure your date doesn’t get seasick.)

22. Paddle Boarding – If the weather permits, grab your swim trunks or bikini, rent a board and paddle, and get out on the water for some serious fun. All while trying not to fall in.

23. Eat Something Scary – Go to a new restaurant and order things you and your date have never tried before. FYI – Spicier foods help rev up the metabolism! ????

24. Roller-skating or Ice-skating – This type of date isn’t just reserved for teenagers you know! Skating is a great way to have fun while getting in some cardio.

25. Indoor Trampoline Center – Giant trampolines everywhere. Need we say more?

26. Escape Room – This is a great way to see just how mentally connected you and your date are. Can you figure out all the clues and get to safety in time? Try an escape room and find out!

Big Spender$$$

27. Skydiving (Indoor or Outdoor) – Calling all adrenaline junkies! Do you and your date have a passion for heart-racing excitement? Then this may be the perfect date for you.

28. Bungee Jumping – Looking for a way to get your heart rate up without all the cardio? This should do the trick.

29. Go to an Amusement Park – A surefire way to hit your 10,000 steps.

30. Snowboarding/Skiing – A full body workout combined with the thrill and excitement that these two types of sport bring – what could be better? If your date has never tried it before, they may want to stick to the bunny slopes.