Meet Ofelia S.

Ofelia S. of San Jose, CA, made the decision to sign up for a City Sports Club membership after she was impressed, and inspired, by the professionalism of the City Sports Club staff members. In hopes of having a better understanding of how to properly use the equipment offered, Ofelia was introduced to personal trainer, Fritzie.

What surprised Ofelia the most was how much fun she began having during her training sessions! Fritzie was able to help keep the workout routines interesting, while at the same time, focusing on specific areas that Ofelia wanted to work on. Ofelia shares her experience with City Sports Club below.

“Fritzie at the Almaden location is amazing! She’s the perfect combination of pushy, encouraging, light-hearted and funny. She always makes my workouts fun and enjoyable.”

Ofelia S.

Personal Training Client, City Sports Club

A Bit of Advice

“Don’t give up! After I had my 3rd child I would go up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down, and sometimes it was just emotional eating. But when you’re focused [and] determined nothing feels better than to slip on [a] pair of jeans and feel so good in them. It took me 10 years to get to my goal, I am now over 40 and I look, and feel, my best ever! It’s never too late!”

– Ofelia S., City Sports Club Personal Training Client

Member Testimonial –

[Fritzie] always keeps [the workout] interesting [and] different, and if I tell her I need to work on something specific, she helps me work on that.

What I love also is that our conversations are always goal oriented and informative. We talk about clean eating, future goals and results. I’ll even get encouraging texts!

My diet consists of mostly protein, veggies, and juicing. I try to maintain 1500 calories per day. I remember people saying the hardest part was to maintain, and this is true! It is so easy to backslide into old habits and start eating unhealthy when you get to your goal. But the key is to remember that it feels so good once you’ve achieved a goal that you worked so hard for –consistency is key!

Ofelia’s Future

Ofelia continues to strive for more muscle definition, and we have no doubt she will continue to reach the goals she sets for herself!

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