At 66 years young, Mary V. decided she was finally going to take control of her weight, after having struggled with it her entire life. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise helped keep the pounds on throughout the years. Mary always disliked being overweight, as the extra pounds left her feeling tired and unmotivated. Feeling desperate for a change, Mary made the decision to once and for all take control of her life in January 2017.  

 She joined a medically-controlled weight loss program through Kaiser Permanente. Slowly, the weight was coming off and a feeling of wellness and self-control was coming over her. An empowering sense of confidence began to take hold of Mary, and suddenly, she was able to do things that she would have never imagined being able to do a year prior!  

A Packed Parking Lot 

By August 2017, Mary had lost a considerable amount of weight but wanted to begin working out in addition to maintaining a healthy diet. She had seen City Sports Club while out driving and was impressed with how the gym looked from the exterior. However, what really brought Mary through the doors of her local City Sports Club was how packed the parking lot was! She figured if the parking lot is full, it has to be a successful gym. That same day, Mary walked through the doors of her local City Sports Club and signed up for membership.  

In an effort to up her fitness game, Mary enlisted the help of City Sports Club personal trainer, Bahareh. Mary shared that she feels very fortunate to have met Bahareh and had her help as a trainer. Bahareh has been able to help push Mary to get her body stronger than she imagined possible. When Mary doubts her abilities, Bahareh is there to encourage her to try.  

When Mary first started training, her balance was a main concern, but after some steady consistency, Mary noticed a difference in how controlled she felt during her exercises. Months into her training, Mary completed another balance assessment and had drastic improvement! If it weren’t for Bahareh encouraging Mary to give it her all, she admits she probably would not have pushed herself and made the progress she has.  

Mary shared –  

I want [Bahareh] to be proud if me, and I appreciate her solid interest in me and my goals and progress. I never played team sports in school, due to my weight as a child. Therefore, I have never experienced the “team” concept. At City Sports, I feel part of the “Team Mary”.  

Don’t be afraid to start, take the first step to better you. Invest in yourself, you are capable of doing whatever you want to do, and you will be amazed at where that will take you in your happy life. Believe in yourself, you will amaze yourself.

Mary V.

Personal Training Client*, City Sports Club

Where Mary Is Now 

In November 2017, Mary went zip lining in the Arizona desert! She remembers thinking to herself, “Wow! Am I really doing this?” She also completed her first 5k in San Jose in December 2017. Due to her newfound active lifestyle, Mary’s body was there when she needed it to be, and she thanks her personal trainer Bahareh and group fitness classes for her new, healthy lifestyle.  

Mary V. with her trainer Bahareh A.

*Personal training services are subject to an additional fee and a separate agreement. 

This article should not replace any exercise program or restrictions, any dietary supplements or restrictions, or any other medical recommendations from your primary care physician. Before starting any exercise program or diet, make sure it is approved by your doctor.