Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman, rock climber, hiker, cyclist, competitive swimmer, sailor, or otherwise, sometimes the weather outside makes outdoor training for your sport of choice almost unbearable. From scorching heat to rain and snow, it makes sense to have an indoor training routine for days when the outdoors just isn’t an option.

For the Rock Climbers

While most people take things one step at a time, you choose to take life one rock at a time. That requires strength, patience, and a whole lot of training.

Endurance can be built in the gym, but instead of heading straight for the treadmill to work on cardio, it may be more beneficial to focus on your arms and core.

Suggested exercises: Pull ups, plank to push up to single arm row with weights, and forearm kettlebell curl.

For a way more in depth look at how to train for rock climbing, and all the intricate aspects that come with, check out this article published on Climbing.

For the Hikers

If you’re a fellow man or woman of the mountains like the late explorer John Muir, you understand the importance of being in physical shape to complete your trek through the natural beauty of nature.

Whether you’re training to walk The Narrows, or plan on trekking the PCT, you want to ensure your body is ready for the elements each step of the way.

Suggested exercises: Stair climber, treadmill interval training, and squats (especially helpful for backpackers carrying large loads).

For the Triathletes (Swim, Cycle, Run)

Triathletes know that pushing themselves to the brink of exhaustion is worth it to say they’ve successfully completed swimming, cycling, running (and sweating) their way to the finish line.

Whether you’re training for a super-sprint, sprint, standard, half-Ironman, or full-Ironman marathon, you’re going to need to train your full body by combining strength and cardio training.

Suggested exercises: Swim some laps in a City Sports Club indoor pool, practice interval running and incline training on the treadmills, and practice pedaling while getting in some cardio in Group Fitness cycle classes.

For the Sailors

The seas may be strong, but you are stronger. Battle the waves by first training your muscles.

Suggested exercises: Row machine, pushups, lat pull downs, and plenty of cardio.

If you want to check out a full workout schedule from a professional sailing team, read how Team Abu Dhabi trained for the Volvo Ocean Race, here.


For the Golfers

Sure, golfing may seem like a relaxing and not-so-strenuous sport to those who don’t understand the game, but golfers know the focus, flexibility, and fitness it takes to swing a successful game.

Swinging from the same side of their body repeatedly can cause muscle imbalances. It’s important to work on exercises that will help balance your body, increase your flexibility and help build strength.

Suggested exercises: Seated rotations, hand walks, dumbbell bench press with one arm, then rotate.


For the Athletes

(football, soccer, basketball, baseball, water polo, hockey, competitive rowing, etc.)

Those who want to be the best have to train their best, and training takes place in and off the field/rink/court/pool.

Depending on which sport is your specialty, this will drastically impact and change how you should be training in the gym.

Suggested exercises: If you feel stuck in a training rut, try reaching out to a certified personal trainer for some ways to take your training to the next level.


For the Adventurers

For those who live life on the go, to those who take life one adventure at a time, a healthy and active lifestyle requires a healthy and active body. Training for the every day, to the crazy adventures that come your way, is why it’s important to make time for fitness training in the gym.

Try incorporating some functional fitness training into your routine, so you’ll be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Suggested exercises: Kettlebell squats, forward lunges with a twist, and bent over rows.


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